Festive Fingers

 A couple of weeks ago I picked up a few colors from China Glaze’s Holiday 2010 collection. I’d been scoping out my local Sally Beauty Supply waiting for them to come in, and when I went to get them the nice ladies that work there already had some saved in the back for me 🙂 They appreciate my polish obsession (not to mention all the money I spend there buying said polish).

Sadly, they only had about half of the collection 😦

 I snagged Party Hearty, Naughty and Nice, Little Drummer Boy, and Jolly Holly. I passed on the reds like Phat Santa and Mrs. Clause cuz I’m just not a big red fan.  That being said, I know everyone has been raving about Party hearty as of late-and with good cause. As soon as I saw swatches of it I knew it was gonna be amazing and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

 I noticed a lot of people layering it over Jolly Holly, so that was the first way I tried it…and OMG- AMAZING! I wanted to keep it on forever cuz it made my nails look so pretty and blingy, but a big chunk chipped on the second day so I sadly took it off. I took a couple of pics with it on, but they weren’t that great of quality, so I’ll have to reswatch it.

Anyway, I decided to try it layered over a red as I haven’t really seen too many people do that. As I said, I’m not a big red fan because it’s so hard for me to find a red that looks good with my skin tone. I’ve tried and tried and I always come up disappointed. However about a month ago I picked up Wet ‘n Wild-Wild Shine’s Red Red when I was at CVS. I figured, hey it’s $0.99, if I hate it, it wont be that big of a loss. Turns out I LOVE it. (I’ll swatch it by itself later).

Soooo…in the spirit of being a little different, here’s China Glaze Party Hearty layered over Wet ‘n Wild Red Red:





Do you love it?

As usual, I had excellent application with China Glaze. I only used one coat of Party Hearty for these swatches, but if you want a  little more glitz you can try two. The one thing that makes me like Party Hearty layered over Jolly Holly better is that the beautiful red glitter stands out better against it. It’s kind of lost when you layer it over a red.

I was pleasantly surprised with the application of Red Red. It was majorly opaque in one coat. The only drawback is the Wet ‘n Wild brush. I don’t know what it is about it but it holds a ton of polish and can get a bit drippy-even after wiping both sides down a bit on the edge of the bottle. Otherwise I totally recommend it. 

*As always, I topped it all off with a coat of Seche Vite 🙂

Here’s a pic of  my nails when I first tried the PH/JH combo (sorry it’s a little blurry, I wasn’t planning on posting it when I took it):



Which is your favorite way to wear Party Hearty? Red? Green? Do you like it layered over another color? Or by itself?








4 responses to “Festive Fingers

  1. I NEED to get Red Red.

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