Pretty Perplexed

 As we all know, Revlon recently came out with a dupe of Chanel Paradoxal called Perplex.

All I have to say about that is God bless you Revlon!

 I fell in love with Paradoxal when I first saw it, but can’t really afford to spend $20+ on one single bottle of nail polish. So needless to say, I was thrilled when Perplex hit shelves at a pocket-friendly price. I headed over to my local CVS to pick up a bottle and my dreams were crushed. They didn’t have it. 😦 But that was fine cuz I knew of 3 other CVS stores I could check. But guess what? None of them had it either.
 Frustrated, I asked one of my best friends who lives on the west coast to scour her local CVS, but she also came up empty-handed…So I finally broke down and bought a bottle of it off of ebay. I paid $8, which is a couple of dollars more than it would’ve been at the store, but whatev. The most important thing was I got this pretty bottle of polish!

 And Perplex is indeed a pretty polish. First off, let’s talk formula…I don’t know what magic fairy dust Revlon put in this baby but it went on like butter! I seriously could’ve gotten away with one coat(though I did my usual 2). The application was so smooth and flawless that I think I’d love this polish even if I hated the color.
But I don’t! It’s a beautifully chic, smokey purple that I’m pretty sure looks great on every skin tone. I think it has found its way into my top 10 favorite polishes of all time.


Isn’t She Lovely?

If you don’t own this, get it! If you do own it, get another bottle! It’s that awesome.



4 responses to “Pretty Perplexed

  1. I think it was a bad idea for me to read your blog…you’re making me want every damn bottle, wife.

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