A Deep Sea Discovery

Ok peeps, hold the freakin’ phone!

I am so excited about a beautiful discovery that I made today that I can’t stand it!

I don’t know if anyone has done this yet, but I’ve never seen it on any other blog…

Let me start at the beginning…Last night I painted my nails with Mermaid To Order from Sephora by O.P.I. because I was in a funk and the color is just so gorgeous and super flattering with my skin tone that it just makes me happy all over.
So I took pics of it this morning planning to use it as a “nail of the day” post later this week.

Anyway, after work today I was browsing amazon.com using the app on my blackberry, and in the little “recommended for you” section was Atlantis by China Glaze. I thought to myself, hmm, I already have that color but I’ve never worn it. Then boom! The best idea ever hit me…I should layer it over Mermaid To Order and see what it looks like! And OMG you guys, it’s sooooo beautiful!!!

The colors totally compliment each other! My nailslook like sparkling little jewels. I’m so in love!
Another thing that I thought was totally awesome is that the names of the polishes totally go together too. Mermaid To Order and Atlantis! Hellooo! They were so made for each other! It’s like China Glaze and O.P.I. created companion polishes without even realizing it!

Anyway, below are the pics of Mermaid To Order that I originally was gonna do my NOTD post with (sorry my hands look reddish- darn lights), and below them are the pics of the absolutely amazing franken of Mermaid To Order and Atlantis that I stumbled upon. Enjoy!


See, MTO is an awesome color by itself….



But add Atlantis to it and OMG! Amazing! The pictures don’t even do it justice.

 Both polishes have an amazing formula and go on like butter. I expected MTO to be a little streaky (as foils are prone to be) but  there was nary a streak or brush stroke in sight. O.P.I. totally nailed it with this one.

As far as Atlantis goes, I think it’s a color that was totally made for layering. From other swatches I’ve seen, it can be amazing on its own- but I think you’d have to build it up with 4 or 5 coats to get it to be opaque. For now, I’ll pass on that because I love it layered over Mermaid To Order so much.

Anyway, I believe both of these  are a part of each brand’s core line, so they should be fairly easy to get your hands on if you don’t already have them.  Scope ’em out, you’ll be glad you did 🙂


Are you loving this as much as I am? Have you come across any amazing layering combos or frankens that you totally love?










3 responses to “A Deep Sea Discovery

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  2. This color combo really is amazing! Beautiful, Jasmine…I’m totally holding the freakin’ phone! They also have really neat names — especially Atlantis. I probably would have bought it without even seeing it, it just sounds like an awesome color. Haha.

    Great blog! Love it!

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