Some Wild Shine

Happy Hump Day!  

Today I have a  couple of newish colors from Wet ‘n Wild’s Wild Shine collection that I snagged at CVS a few weeks ago…

I can never say no to one of these polishes cuz they’re so freakin cheap and Wet ‘n Wild seems to have gotten their formula down to an art. It goes on like buttah!
The only complaint I ever have with these is that the darn brushes hold soooo much polish that it can get a bit drippy if you’re not careful.

Anyway, here are the pics(please forgive my horrid cuticles, yikes!). First we have Blue Moon. It’s kind of a darkened not -quite-navy blue. I don’t have much to say about this one besides I really like it and it looks really good with my skin-tone. It’s not totally unique, but it’s still pretty.

Next is Burgundy Frost. By now you know that me and any type of red rarely get along. However, considering how much I looooove Red Red by Wet ‘n Wild, I decided to give this baby a try…And I’m so glad that I did! This is an absolutely gorgeous color. It’s like a juicy, deep red apple. Like those dark Red Delicious apples you know? It’s so shiny and beautiful. And ::gasp:: I love it with my skin tone!

Wet ‘n Wild has definitely scored some major points in my book for creating reds that look good on me. This is definitely a good holiday color, but I’d also wear it year round.


So there you have it. A couple more winners from Wet ‘n Wild. As I said, the formula is pretty darn awesome and you absolutely can not beat the price (especially when they’re buy one get one half off at CVS). Pick up a couple of these babies and add some loveliness to your collection without breaking the bank 🙂









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