NOTD: Cheers To Glitter

Happy Monday!

I’m excited because I have the day off and I decided to do a qucik “nail of the day” post featuring my new addiction: Layering.

I usually haaaaate layering. I’m all about one color, one bottle, brush on a topcoat and go. In fact, the last time I think I really loved layering was like 13 or 14 years ago when I was in junior high and was obsessed with putting glitter over every single color of polish I owned. I used to be out of control with it people…ohh memories.

Anyway, ever since China Glaze came out with Party Hearty a couple of months ago, my layering obsession has been renewed. So along that vein, my NOTD is a sparkly little layered mani courtesy of China Glaze and Nicole by O.P.I.

I started off withCheers To You by China Glaze.
Let me just say, this color is so amazing! It’s super pigmented so its opaque in one coat, and it’s not even streaky! Plus it’s like a shimmer and a foil all in one. So, so lovely. It’s probably my favorite silver polish ever.

You could wear it alone and have fabulous fingers, but my previously mentioned layering obsession compelled me to add to it…

So I busted out Such a Go-Glitter from Nicole by O.P.I.

If you remember, I picked this baby up about a week ago and reviewed it in my Blue Haul post.
Anyway, I put 2 coats of it over Cheers To You and Voila! :

I really like how it came out. The pictures don’t really do it justice, so this is one you should try on your own to appreciate it. It makes me think of snow sparkling in the moonlight or something.

I decree this layered look be named “Cheers To Glitter”.  









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