Ding Dong! Avon Calling…

In case you didn’t guess, today I’ve got a review of a beautiful nail polish from Avon.

It’s one of 2 holiday/special edition colors from their nailwear pro line and it’s called:

 Splendid Blue

A co-worker of mine started selling Avon not too long ago, and when I spotted this in the catalog I had to have it (and 9 other polishes). Turns out it wasn’t available for order for a couple of weeks, but she pulled some strings and got it for me early because she appreciates my nail polish obsession and didn’t wanna make me wait that long 🙂

Let me just say, this aint your mama’s Avon. I remember their nail polish being kinda cheap and blah back in the day, but Avon has definitely stepped their game up.

Splendid Blue is a beautiful midnight blue with bits of light blue and silver shimmer/glitter (glimmer?) in it. I do have a few colors very similar to it, but the shimmer is what sets it apart.

Anyway, the pics are below. I did my usual 2 coats.


The formula wasn’t anything to write home about, but I also didn’t have any issues with it. I do love this color on me, so it’s a winner.

So what say you about this shade? Do you love it?












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