NOTD: American Apparel Peacock

Happy Sunday!

For any of you that don’t know, American Apparel has their own line of nail polish, and it’s pretty awesome. I finally got my hands on a few colors the other day and I’m loving them already.

The one color I was looking forward to owning the most was Peacock. It’s a gorgeous peacock-blue that I think looks good with any skin tone. I love colors like that!

The formula on this was amazing! The pics below are with one coat (I usually do 2, but I wanted to show how awesomely opaque it is with 1). I never cease to be amazed by nail polishes that are opaque in one coat. It’s just so crazy rare.


And just for fun, I did a little bit of a “blackberry mani” by adding a layer of Sinful Colors Hottie to my thumbs:

Isn’t  Peacock pretty?











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