More Adventures In Water Marbling: Chocolate & “Teel”

Well hello there!

Yay for it being Wednesday. Boo for all the snow that’s coming down here right now 😦

Anywhoooo…today I’ve got another awesome water marbling post for you!

This is my 2nd attempt, and this time I taped my nails off. It is a million times easier to do it that way. Clean up was a cinch and I’m soooo happy with the way it came out!

I marbled Zoya Angelina and Misa Dirty, Sexy, Money.



This marble design is close to my heart because I did it in honor of the friendship between me and my gff (gay friend forever 🙂 ) Caleb Teel.
Long story short: our nicknames at work are “Chocolate and Teel” because his last name is Teel, and, well, um- I’m chocolate!….Hence the chocolate color of Angelina swirled with the teal-ish color of Dirty, Sexy Money 🙂
And because we’re fabulous, I topped it off with the glittery goodness of Wet ‘n Wild Hallucinate.

The pics are below. Because the design came out differently on all of my nails, I even included pics of  my rarely seen right hand for your viewing pleasure.

Ch-ch-check it out:







Do you love it?



I’m still not over how cool water marbling looks. The time it takes to do it is totally worth it to me.












3 responses to “More Adventures In Water Marbling: Chocolate & “Teel”

  1. It looks great, I love the color combination and the glittery finish!

  2. Gorgeous!! I love the color combination!

  3. I absolutely love this!

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