Ulta Mini-Haul

Happy Sunday!

So, yesterday I decided to go on a mini-hunt for O.P.I.’s Katy Perry Collection. Actually, it was mostly for Black Shatter, but I figured if I found the whole collection then that would be a plus. I decided to check out Ulta because I’d heard rumors that they might have it. So I went in and looked around, but I didn’t see the display anywhere. I was super sad about that so I decided to console myself by buying other nail polish 🙂

As I was perusing the polish selection I noticed that their Orly Cosmic display looked like it had been restocked, which was cause for a little happy dance because I have been looking for Space Cadet forever and couldn’t find it ANYWHERE. I am so glad I looked because I grabbed the last bottle of it! Yay!

Anyway, I also picked up You’re Blue-tiful from Piggy Polish and Ulta Jaded, then I headed to the register. As the sales girl was checking me out she said “Have you heard about O.P.I.’s new Katy Perry collection?” and I was like, “Of course! That’s what I came here looking for but I don’t see it.” To which she replied “Oh we have it, but it’s in the back. We’re not putting it out till next week, but I could go get it for you.” I almost jumped for joy.

So she brought them all out for me and I ended up buying Black Shatter (of course) and Last Friday Night. The others didn’t really speak to me, though I may end up buying them in minis. I told her she was my favorite person for the day and I happily left the store with my lovely purchases.

Here’s a pic of my mini-haul:





A post featuring Black Shatter is soon to follow….













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