Another Epic Haul

Hey There! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far!

*Warning- this post is kinda pic heavy and a little wordy, but bear with me :)*

I went to run some errands today, and though my original intention was to go see if my local  Sephora had the Glee Collection, I somehow came home with a ton of other polish.  These things will happen.

Let me just say, Sephora did NOT have the Glee collection, so I was forced to order them online. When I asked the saleslady about them she was all like, “No, we don’t carry regular O.P.I., we only carry Sephora by O.P.I.”  At that point I figured talking to her was a lost cause because helloooo mcfly! the Glee collection IS Sephora by O.P.I.

I replied, “They are Sephora by O.P.I., but it’s ok, I’ll just order them online.”

Now, I know that Sephora carries a lot of brands,so maybe it would be too much for her to know about all of them, but don’t try to correct me when I know my nail polish! Ok, rant over. Moving on….

Anyway, you may know by now that when I don’t find the nail polish I’m looking for, I get very upset and the only way to cheer myself up is to buy other nail polish 🙂

Below are pics of the new lovelies I picked up. Some are old, some are new, but they are all wonderfully part of my collection now 🙂

Fancy Schamncy and Absinthe Makes The Heart
I found these two in the clearance bin for $1.75.  Amazing.
Avalanche and Tempest
These I got at Sally. No particular reason besides I thought they were pretty and I didn’t have them yet 🙂
Kaleidoscope and Night Prowl
These I snagged at Walgreens. I have been looking for Night Prowl forever and was so happy to find it! Kaleidoscope came along for the ride.
Robyn, Charla, and Sloane

These babies happened to come in the mail after I got home today. I love Zoya so much.


Teenage Dream, Yodel Me On My Cell and The Katy Perry collection minis
Ok, so let me explain…I bought the minis at Ulta because I wanted them all, but wasn’t sure I liked them all enough to buy the regular sized bottle (except for Last Friday Night, which I reviewed here).
But then I fell in love with Teenage Dream so I went to the salon at JC Penney after I left Sephora and bought it plus Yodel Me On My Cell (a lemming of mine from the Swiss Collection).
You Just Wait, Purple Diamond, Frenzy, Let Me Go, Savage, Nail Junkie, and San Francisco
I admittedly went a little crazy with these, but they’re so darn cheap I can’t help myself! Also, I think Savage is one of the new colors in the collection, so I had to get it on principle 🙂
Buffy The Violet Slayer, Hannah Pinktana, Party of Five Glitters, Teal of Fortune, and Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire
I’m super excited about these! I have been wanting them soooo bad ever since I saw Nouveau Cheap’s post on them. But every time I would go into Walgreens the display would be wiped out. Something just told me to check again today and there they were! I grabbed the last one of every one I saw. There are still a lot that I don’t have, but these are the ones I wanted the most 🙂 So happy!

And thanks to my dear mother, this is my first bottle of Hard Candy. She was searching for Beetle for me, but couldn’t find it, and got this instead. Love it. Love her.

So there’s my haul. I’m a bit overwhelmed because I can’t even decide which color I wanna wear  first. Any suggestions?


5 responses to “Another Epic Haul

  1. wow, great haul! Wish I lived in America, haha!

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