Sinful Colors: Savage

Happy Sunday!


Today I’ve got a post featuring one of the lovelies I picked up in my most recent haul:

Savage by Sinful Colors.


From what I’ve heard, this is a new color from them that people have been surprised to see because there hasn’t been any promotion around it as of yet.

When I got it there were 3 bottles of it randomly sitting in a mash-up display with some other brands at Walgreens. It wasn’t even with the normal SC display. Weird.

Anyway, I’m kind of in love with this color you guys! It’s a really pretty teal-ish/turquoise/blue that is super flattering with my skin tone. I do have other colors similar to it, but no dupes. The formula is actually pretty good too. It went on opaque in two coats, which was a plus because Sinful Colors are usually a hit and a miss as far as that goes.

And one more thing that was a huge surprise, which makes me love it even more…it’s a matte!

I was so shocked when it dried. Nowhere on the bottle does it mention it’s a matte. And while I’m not usually a fan of mattes (because I have this incessant need to put a top coat on everything), it is a beautiful, satiny-finish kind of matte. I just absolutely love , love, love it.

I played around with it a little in the pics below. Check ’em out:


See what I mean about the satiny finish?


In this pic I added a top coat so you could see the difference. It’s so shiny and pretty 🙂 :


And here are a couple of pics where I added a coat of Nail Junkie just for fun:


So what do you guys think of this? For only $1.99 I think you’d regret not snagging it if you can.  I’m obsessed over it and am contemplating going back to buy a 2nd bottle. 🙂


8 responses to “Sinful Colors: Savage

  1. Great blue! I’ve been searching for these new Sinfuls, and haven’t found them yet. I hope I find them soon. I’m anxious to get them!

  2. Looks awesome on you. I don’t recall seeing a SC that is a matte so what a doubly awesome find. 🙂 I love how you touched it up too. 🙂

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  5. love the color. Did anyone have it stain your fingers too?

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