Valentine’s Varnish: Day 5

If you’ve been keeping up, you’ll know that so far I’ve used a lot of pinks and reds,and while those are great V-day colors, today I have something a little different…


I think purple is also great for Valentine’s Day….actually I think purple is great for any day 🙂

I started off with Caitlin from Zoya’s Intimate Collection. Caitlin is really soft and beautiful on its own, but I wanted to add a little glitz to it….so I topped it with a coat of OPI Teenage Dream.

When I was looking at my bottle of Teenage Dream I realized that I saw a bit of a lavender hint to it, so I thought it would look great over a purple. And I was right! I just love how this combo came out. Peep it:





Do you guys like purple for a V-day color?















4 responses to “Valentine’s Varnish: Day 5

  1. i LOVE the purple. i’m pretty sure my valentine’s day nails are either gonna be neon pink or purple…or blue ( i don’t believe in sticking with theme colours for just needs hearts haha!)

  2. I am all for purple on Valentine’s Day, and this is gorgeous! I used Zoya’s Heather in my Valentine’s post. I think I’ll be sporting pink though, since I hardly ever do, and the holiday is a good excuse.

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