China Glaze Crackle Collection: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Happy Hump Day!

So yesterday I showed you guys an awesome mani with Lightning Bolt, the first China Glaze crackle I experimented with. Today I have a taste of the others in the collection for you.

As you probably know by now, the collection is made up of 6 shades of crackle;

 Lightning Bolt (white), Fault Line (purple), Broken Hearted(pink), Crushed Candy (Tiffany blue- like For Audrey 🙂 ), Black Mesh (black) and Cracked Concrete (grey).

After my obsession with OPI Black Shatter, I was beyond thrilled to try out the effect in an array of other colors. There are so many color combos that you could come up with using these, but here are a couple I decided to try out for today….

First off, I tried Cracked Concrete over Milani Blue Flash. I thought this was going to come out awesome because I love blue and grey together, but it was kind of a fail. The grey of CC totally took away the glittery goodness of Blue Flash. So sad.

I will however give it another try with a brighter color later. I’m not giving up on you Cracked Concrete!

(P.S. my cuticles are kinda effed up at the moment, so please excuse them)



Next I decided to try Crushed Candy over Zoya Angelina, because I absolutely love the way chocolate-brown looks with this shade of blue/green. This combo was a winner!

On a side note, I know many were upset with Crushed Candy because it totally looked green in the promo picks, which was very misleading. However, as I have a total love affair with For Audrey (which it is basically the exact same color as) I’m thrilled with it! I included a pic of it next to a bottle of For Audrey so you can see how close they are 🙂



And here is a quick skittle swatch of Crushed Candy, Fault Line, Broken Hearted and Black Mesh over Cheers To You.

All of them cracked (crackled?) pretty well except for Fault Line.

Why Fault Line? Why? You’re purpley goodness looks so promising in the bottle, but you’re cracking abilities leave much to be desired.

Anyway, I love purple too much to give up on Fault Line after one bad experience, so I shall play around with it and try it out again also. Check it out:




So there you have it; a taste of the China Glaze Crackle Collection. What do you guys think?

I definitely will be posting some manis with different color combos soon, and I’d love to see some that y’all come up with! 🙂

*Also, keep your eyes peeled because I will be giving away a set of these in the near future….*
















4 responses to “China Glaze Crackle Collection: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  1. Very nice insights to this collection. Thank you 🙂 I, too, like the look of the brown under the lighter blue.

  2. Loved your post on Kelly’s blog, so I hopped on over… I love the skittles! Plus the brown/teal combo is quite lovely. =] Nice swatches!

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