Another Nail Polish/Jewelry Fusion feat: Liquid Euphoria Bliss

Happy Friday Everyone!

I’m so happy that I’m off today and that the weekend is finally here! This week seemed to take foreverrrrrrr.

First off let me gush a little about how thrilled I am that Kelly from Vampy Varnish allowed me to do a guest post on her blog yesterday 🙂 She is so freakin’ awesome. If you haven’t seen it, hop on over and check it out here. I did a cool gradient mani using Nfu-Oh 52

Anyway, today I have another exciting post for you featuring a ring by the lovely Tracey from Ginger Kitty Designs. (If you missed my first post featuring one of her rings, check it out here.)

In my recent haul from her etsy site I picked up one of her LE rings made with a super rare bottle of  Liquid Euphoria Bliss given to her by EvilAngel.


This ring is pure beauty! It has so many different shades in it that I just wanna stare at my hands all day when I’m wearing it. When I had it on at work 2 different people told me it reminded them of a mood ring because you could see so many colors in it.

My only regret  is that I don’t have a bottle of Bliss to paint my nails with to match it 😦

But that’s ok, cuz I improvised 🙂 In the pics below I painted my nails with Zoya Blair and added a coat of Nfu-Oh 51 over the top of it. It’s not as gorgeous as the ring, but I’m pretty satisfied with how it came out. Peep the pics:




Do you love it? Isn’t  it just amazing gorgeousness???

Believe me when I say the pics above do not even do it any kind of justice. You have to see it in person to fully appreciate it! If you wanna snag one of your own I believe she still has 4 of them left as I type this. Plus she has a coupon for 15% off posted here on her blog that is good all month. So go order one! Go now….go! 🙂










5 responses to “Another Nail Polish/Jewelry Fusion feat: Liquid Euphoria Bliss

  1. Beautiful ring. I can’t wait to send her some lacquer to make me a specialty key chain. She does awesome work!

  2. Jasmine, it looks stunning on you :0) love it!!!

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