Rich In Spirit

Happy Friday!

This week went by surprisingly fast, which I’m totally happy about. The quicker I get to the weekend the better 🙂

Today I have one of the lovelies from Nicole by OPI’s Liquid Metals Collection.

The collection consists of four shimmery foils; It Starts With Me, Miss Independent, The Next CEO, and Rich In Spirit.

I kept seeing these at Ulta and passing on them because none of the colors really jumped out at me, but then last night I succumbed to my need to own all things polish related, and bought Rich In Spirit.

Rich In Spirit is a pale blue/silvery shade that is packed with shimmer. It actually reminds me a bit of Zoya Crystal (sans the yellow gold flecks). It went on pretty smooth and streak-free, which is a plus because usually foils just looove to be streaky, and I hate that.

I think it’s a really pretty color, but I’m still on the fence about whether I like it on me or not…Check it out:





What do you lovelies think of this? Do you own any of the lacquers from the Liquid Metals Collection?









6 responses to “Rich In Spirit

  1. No Nicole lacquers in my stash. However, this pops on you magnificently.

    • Thanks! 🙂 It’s funny because my stash used to be mostly NOPI because they are so readily available at Target and I couldn’t resist buying a couple every time I went there. I’m still not sure I like this one though.

  2. The tinge of blue is kind of cool! I don’t like most metallics on me, so I think I’ll pass this collection though

  3. I do like foils in these softer tones. So fancy shmancy. Rich in Spirit seems like a the one to go with from this collection. There have been so many of incarnations of the pink, gold and rose gold foils, but not as many icy blue ones.

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