Vegas Baby!

Monday, Monday…

Why do Mondays seem to come back around so quickly?

Mondays, tend to be a blah day for a lot of people, so let me give you something lovely to start your day with…

This glorious beauty: China Glaze Vegas

A month or so ago, Diana from The Girl With A Bow mentioned it on twitter, and I was like “Omg you have to get it if you can cuz it’s amazing!”

When I lived in California, the nail salon I used to go to had a couple of bottles of it and I would often get my nails painted with it because it was so blingy and wonderful. I’d long since forgotten about it, but once Diana reminded me of it, a new lemming was born… So I sent my brother (a.k.a. polish mule) on a hunt to find it for me.

He still lives in Cali and by some awesome miracle was able to buy a bottle of it for me from my old nail salon! (I’m attributing this to Jana’s theory of “nail polish karma” 🙂 )

I am in love with this polish in so many ways. Just like the city of Las Vegas, it’s sparkly, glittery, and wonderful! Oh, and did I mention it has gorgeous holographic glitter chunks in it?!

Words and pictures just can not accurately express how amazing it is.

Also, this lovely holds a special place in my heart just because it’s named Vegas. I went to college in Las Vegas and consider it my 2nd home, so I love almost anything to do with it!

Anyhow, enough with words and on to the pics. It’s so hard to capture it accurately on camera, but I tried my best.

First here it is by itself….



It’s not too hot on its own (though the bottle photographs extremely well).

But wait…

in the pics below I layered it over one coat of Wet ‘n Wild Black Creme and its true beauty came out!




*Sigh* It’s soooooo pretty! I just wanna layer it over everything now!




So what do you lovelies think of Vegas? Do you love it as much as I do?

Have you heard of it/seen it anywhere else?













6 responses to “Vegas Baby!

  1. Bling, baby! I knew it had to be an older one cause I don’t recall CG having a shade wtih that name at all!

  2. What a sweet brother. 🙂 It’s pretty nice!

  3. Very Sparkle-icious on you! Happy Monday!

  4. Thanks ladies! 🙂 Gotta love the bling!

  5. Ahhh! I’m bling blinded! 😉 Love it.

  6. You’re making me want everything you post! 😛

    And lol@polish mule. Haha, silly.

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