Purple Holo Week: Color Club Wild At Heart

Hey Lovelies!

Yay for it being Thursday because that means tomorrow is Friday! 🙂

As promised, I am resuming my Purple Holo Week today after the brief interruption by Pink Wednesday yesterday, and I have for you a beautiful holo from Color Club: Wild At Heart.

Wild at Heart probably has the least holo effect of any of the ones I’m showing you this week, but I still love it so much.

It’s a gorgeous deep purple with scattered pink and silver holo. It’s so, so, so pretty. I think it’s one of those amazing shades that looks good on everyone and I can totally see myself going through a whole bottle of this. Plus, the application on it is really great and it covers smoothly in 2 coats. Peep it:




What do you think? Do you love Wild At Heart even though the holo effect is subtle?











2 responses to “Purple Holo Week: Color Club Wild At Heart

  1. I love my Wild @ Heart. I am wearing a purple holo right now also 🙂 ChG IDK!

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