Pink Wednesday: A Party On Coney Island

It’s that time of the week again…

Yep, it’s Pink Wednesday! 🙂

For some reason I was having a really hard time swatching a color for today. I dunno if it was the polish that wasn’t cooperating or if it was just user error, but I went through 4 manis before I finally settled on what I have for you.

Anyway,  for today’s pink tips I used American Apparel Coney Island.

I usually love American Apparel polishes because they have a pretty good formula and they’re highly pigmented (which also makes them great for water marbling). However, Coney Island was a little bit of a problem for me, but I half expected it considering it’s a pastel pink. It was all streaky and uncooperative at first, but it evened out pretty well after 3 coats. I still wasn’t happy with it by itself though, so I topped it  off with a coat of Wet ‘N Wild Party of Five Glitters, and it became: A Party on Coney Island. Peep it:


(Sorry my cleanup is kinda poop. I was having a rough time swatching 😦 )

Then because I’ve been a little obsessive with mattifying things lately, I added a coat of Essie Matte About You




What do you think? Do you prefer it shiny or matte?

I’m kinda diggin’ the way it looks matte. A matte topcoat seems to have a cool effect on glitter.

Anyway, have a happy hump day and keep your eye out for all the other pink manis today! 🙂











14 responses to “Pink Wednesday: A Party On Coney Island

  1. I Have een loving the matted cream-sparkle look. You pulled it of very well. Two thumbs up.

  2. I LOVE Coney Island. It’s one of my favorite pink polishes. 🙂

  3. I love Coney Island! ♥

  4. Love the glitter with the matte topcoat!! Adding that to my list!! Great looking mani!!

  5. Rebecca Russell

    So pretty! I love it shiny and matte; they’re both awesome!

  6. Oooo I really like that Wet n Wild glitter polish, its very pretty.

  7. So pretty! It looks like candy. 🙂 It looks even more gorgeous matte! ❤

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