Pink Wednesday: Glitter Gal Fuchsia 3D Holo

Happy Pink Wednesday Loves!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve participated in Pink Wednesday, so I decided to jump back on the train today.

I have another Glitter Gal holo for you today. Are you getting sick of these yet? 🙂

Fuchsia 3D Holo is another beauty that I got the chance to review from the lovely Leah Anne at Llarowe, and as with all the other Glitter Gal holos I own, I’m in love. It’s a beautiful pale fuchsia with a linear holo effect.

In the pics below I used 3 coats. Once again, amazing formula, easy application, and excellent color payoff. Peep it:




That’s all for this lovely Pink Wednesday! 

Are you rockin’ pink on your tips today too? Let us know by tweeting a link or a pic to @PinkWednesday. And as always, check out the other lovely pink manis today at 🙂








6 responses to “Pink Wednesday: Glitter Gal Fuchsia 3D Holo

  1. I am loving the Glitter Gal and I have you to thank for that – this fushia is beautiful!!!

  2. I have this one. It’s so pretty and holo! I love it against your skin tone!

  3. Holo’s are so lovely.

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