Nubar Black Polka Dot and White Polka Dot

Hey Peeps!

I’m gonna try to make this post short and sweet because I’ve been working a different schedule at work the past few days, and I’m kind of out of my mind with tiredness because I’m not used to it.

Anyway, today I have a couple of lovelies from Nubar for you: Black Polka Dot and White Polka Dot.

Both of them are glitter topcoats that are intended to make it look like you have polka dots on you nails (which I happen to think is a pretty awesome idea). Black Polka Dot is full of black glitter, while White Polka Dot is full of white/silver glitter. The glitter in both consists of small round and large hexagon pieces.

In the pics below I layered 1 coat of Black Polka Dot over 3 coats of Wet ‘n Wild White Creme and 1 coat of White Polka Dot over 2 coats of Wet ‘n Wild Black Creme. Check ’em out:






I really like these because it’s a cute idea, and I totally see myself layering both of them over other colors – especially Black Polka Dot because it’s such a perfect black glitter! The only thing is you kinda have to place the larger pieces of glitter because they have a tendency to move around, but it’s nothing too annoying.

So what do you think of them? Let me know and have a happy Tuesday! 🙂








13 responses to “Nubar Black Polka Dot and White Polka Dot

  1. Cute! 🙂 This mani kind of reminds me of tap dancing costumes from when I was a kid.

  2. I love how you used both of them in one mani! LOVE!

  3. I’ve never seen Nubar polishes in my area..but these are really cute and fun!

  4. This is so fun. I can also see it with a royal blue combo. That would look very vintage and remind me of I Love Lucy…

  5. LOVE this mani really cute

  6. Wow this combo is just woww :))) I’d love to see this with royal blue too,The Lacquered Lady gaves a wonderful idea…

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