NOTD w/Glitter Gal Marine Blue

Happy Wednesday Peeps!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days. I thankfully started a new job on Monday, but my schedule for this week is totally off because of it.

Also, I broke a nail on Sunday and had to file all of the others down to little nubbins, so I probably won’t have any new pics until they grow back to a length that I’m more comfortable with (I haaate how short they are right now 😦 ).

Anyway, today I have a mani that I actually meant to post on Sunday…

I did a mani to support my favorite football team, the Indianapolis Colts, using the awesomesauce Glitter Gal holos: Marine Blue and Light as a Feather. The Colts are sucking so far this season, so I figured my nails should be pretty on game day to make me feel better about that 😉 In the pics below I used 2 coats of Marine Blue on all but my ring finger, on which I used 3 coats of Light as a Feather. Peep it:




.Isn’t Marine Blue freakin’ gorgeous?! Light as a Feather is too, but I already gushed about it here. Lovelovelove Glitter Gal holos. (These, like all of my other Glitter Gals were purchased from their US stockist Llarowe for $14.)

So what do you think of this mani? Do any of you paint your nails to support your favorite sports team?

That’s all for today my loves! Please bear with me through my little hiatus that I’ll be going on for the next week or so until my nails grow back, and don’t forget to enter my Merry Midnight/Fowl Play Giveaway if you haven’t already!

And even though I cheated and didn’t do a pink mani this Wednesday, don’t forge to pop on over to and check out the lovelies who did! 🙂








16 responses to “NOTD w/Glitter Gal Marine Blue

  1. These are both SO gorgeous!

  2. I DO! I am a football FANATIC and take over the TV on Sunday and Monday nights! ha! The Dallas Cowboys are my team…yes, I like the Broncos too but Dallas is my first love. Have done pedis with Silver and Blue with a Silver star for the Cowboys and Orange Sparkle and Marine Blue with an Orange Bronco head for the Broncos. Both of them are sucking too! 😦

  3. Fun! I don’t think I’ve painted my nails a team’s colors since high school. Maybe I’ll have to do a Bears mani soon, because I guess that’s my team since I live in Chicago. I’m not into football enough to be loyal to a team (especially since I grew up in Iowa, which obviously doesn’t have one), so I just go with the locals wherever I’m currently residing.

  4. I just found your blog and I love this mani, mainly because it’s colts colored! the colts are my team and I just did a mani similar to this last week! :]

  5. Hi, Jasmine from the girls “down under”. Thank you for your holo “sport team mani”, love this & also supporting Leah Ann – Glitter Gal Australia – Kerry and Anna

  6. Ive never seen these before; they are gorgeous!! It reminds me of the sky/solar system with stars 😛 I’ve never been a sports fan so I havent let any game day spirit spread to my nails or makeup. 😦 I know I suck Lol

  7. Marine Blue is gorgeous! I’m a Cowboys fan so I like that combo too. 🙂

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