L’Oreal Owl’s Night

Happy Tuesday!

Today I’ve got a quick post for you on one ofย the beauties from L’oreal’s Project Runway Collection for Fall: Owl’s Night.

I’ve seen this described as a brown with gold shimmer, but to me it looks like a deep olive-green packed with lots of gold, and a tad bit of red shimmer. Either way, it’s gorgeous and perfect for fall.

In the pics below I used 2 coats. It went on really smoothly and I had no issues with it. Peep it:





That’s all for today my loves! What do you think of Owl’s Night? Does it look brown to you, or do you see the green in it like I do?








20 responses to “L’Oreal Owl’s Night

  1. Very pretty! I have this and now want to do a mani with it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This is an incredibly unique shade!!! Soooo pretty on you! Quite the change from the bright holos but girl it looks smokin’ hot on you!!!!

  3. I almost bought this yesterday……. I might have to go back and get it seeing it on you!!

  4. To me it looks brown, and looks great!

  5. It looks more green on you than it did on me. I had to be in certain lights to get some of the green undertones to show. Either way, I love this polish and how it reads so differently on everyone.

  6. Green or brown I’m glad I hunted this one down! Can’t wait to wear it!

  7. Loving this color! The golden shimmer finish is really pretty.

  8. I see a decent amount of olive in it too. Really pretty. Seems like a universally flattering shade.

  9. I definitely see the olive in it too! I am SO glad to have this little beauty myself. It looks great on you!

  10. It really reminds me of a slightly browner version of Zoya Edyta. I own and love Edyta, so I doubt I “need” this one… but so pretty!

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