China Glaze Indian Ocean

Happy Thursday My Loves!

Yay for it being one day closer to Friday! I swear the days are just flying by with this new schedule I’ve been working.

Anyway, today I have an oldie from China Glaze called Indian Ocean.

Indian Ocean is a gorgeous little gem that came out back in 2001 as a part of China Glaze’s African Safari Collection (along with Out On Safari). It’s a beautiful indigo with a bit of light blue shimmer/pearlescence.

It was one of my biggest lemmings for a long time, and I finally found a bottle of it on eBay for a really good price a few months ago.

China Glaze is probably my favorite nail polish brand, and I love their old shades like this that are all pretty and unique because of the yummy chemicals in the formula that they don’t use nowadays 😉

In the pic below I used 2 lovely coats. This baby applies like a dream. Peep it:


Mmm, shimmery blue goodness!



So what do you think of Indian Ocean?

Do any of you own this blue beauty?

I know it’s fairly HTF, but last time I checked there were still a few bottles of it floating around on eBay. If you can snag a bottle to add to your stash, you definitely won’t regret it! 🙂








14 responses to “China Glaze Indian Ocean

  1. Wow! Jasmine, this is gorgeous. I don’t own it, but I do want it! I am with you on being a China Glaze fangirl, they’re easily my favorite brand too and I love nabbing the older bottles.

  2. OMG I love it, I didn’t know it existed.

  3. very pretty!! I like blue the more I see it!
    You’re right this week is flying by! At least its payday and almost to the weekend! I work at M&M Mars and really cant wait til the weekend is here so I can play with nail art hehehe

  4. I love all blues and this is gorgeous, it looks very pretty with your skin. It’s nice to see lots of old polishes comingout in blogs.

  5. This reminds me of a color I have, China Glaze Tempest. Maybe Indian Ocean is a bit darker. Still pretty nonetheless!

  6. I could NOT find this for the life of me. It’s one of the first China Glazes I loved after seeing a swatch online. I was so sad when I found out that it’s long discontinued.

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