Hits No Olimpo Demeter

Hey Peeps! Happy Friday!

It’s 11/11/11 and it’s Veteran’s Day!

*My dear Uncle Charles recently passed away, and he was a Vietnam Vet, so today’s post is dedicated to him*

Anyhow, today I have another yummy polish from the Hits No Olimpo collection. It’s called Demeter and it’s an amazing orange holo!

I was so excited when I first saw pics of this lovely so I hopped right on over to Llarowe and ordered it. I mean, it’s an orange holo, how could I not?!

I’m gonna stop talking and let you view this baby for yourself.  In the pics below I used 2 lovely coats. They all look similar, but you can see the holo goodness a little better in each one. Peep it:






I love this orange holo! Nom nom nom! 🙂

What do you lovelies think of this? Are you loving it as much as I am?

If you are, you can buy it  from Llarowe for $10.

Have a fantastic Friday and don’t forget to hug a Veteran!








10 responses to “Hits No Olimpo Demeter

  1. Gorgeous and as always you make every polish look stunning! Thanks so much for the review! 🙂

  2. I love it! I am always drawn to unique holo polishes and this one is definitely one. Great post.
    P:S Sorry about your Uncle Charles ❤

  3. OOooo my… I really like this orange, not too bright and not too dull, I’d wear it to work :o)

  4. Who thought I’d have the hots for an orange holo?! Stunning!

  5. LOVE this! I love holos in general, and I love the uniqueness of an orange one! Looks great on you 🙂

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