Essie Go Overboard Collection

Happy Friday Peeps!

Sorry today’s post is up late. I thought I had already written and scheduled it, but apparently that was all in my dreams.

Anyway, today I have one of Essie’s new offerings for Spring: Go Overboard. It’s a collection of 3 new colors (though I’ve seen an extended display in some stores that include 3 re-promotes as well): Go Overboard, Play Date and Armed and Ready.Β  Let’s check ’em out…

First up we have the collection’s namesake: Go Overboard. I’m in love with this baby. It’s an amazing dark teal creme that applies like a dream. One coat almost got the job done, but 2 coats made it perfect. Peep it:


NextΒ we haveΒ Play Date. This is a soft purple/lilac creme. I was worried it was gonna be a streaky, thin mess, but the formula was great and it applied easily. In the pic below I used 2 smooth coats.



And last, but definitely not least, is Armed and Ready. This baby is a gorgeous little chameleon with some hidden shimmer. It’s a dark army-green with a hint of grey and some golden shimmer thrown in for good measure. Check out the loveliness:


So what do you think of these new Essies? I for one am pretty impressed with them. I always used to think of Essie as a company that made tons of sheer pinks and reds that I was never really interested in, but they’ve done an awesome job of stepping up their game in the past year or so.

Do you own these? Do you have a favorite? Let me know your thoughts and enjoy the rest of your Friday! Yay for the weekend! πŸ™‚







24 responses to “Essie Go Overboard Collection

  1. I have Go Overboard. I’m in love with it. It’s my first nail polish that I actually really liked and has turned me into an addict. I’ve since bought about 15 nail polishes.

  2. I would love to have Armed & Ready but I really need to cut back on my addiction by going on a no-buy. NOT!!

  3. I’m definitely going to get Armed and Ready because it’s just looks so awesome. But I’m totally digging Go Overboard as well. Might pick that one up too.

  4. I like Armed and Ready….no surprise there though! Nice swatches!

  5. I think I need to get all those colors

  6. Great swatches! Armed and ready is on my wish list.

  7. Armed and Ready is amazing! Love it πŸ™‚

  8. Armed and Ready is gorgeous on you! I like the gold, makes it a little different and extra posh.

  9. are there any other colors ? i found play date today at cvs i had no idea it was new its a beautiful color

  10. Go overboard is lovely!!! Thanks for the swatch! Do you find play date a bit too barbie?

  11. Yup, totally need to add Essie Armed and ready to my must have list! WOW!

  12. I love the swatches. I’m not a fan of armed and ready myself but I did purchase go overboard. I have to say I dont see the teal. Upon first application it looks like an ever green color on my skin. I was expecting more blue lol I’m not totally dissatisfied with this color but a dusty dark blue that has no shimmer in it would be perfect… Im hopeful I know lol.

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