Pop Tart Nails

Happy Monday Loves!

Sorry I left you guys without a new post for so long. 2 weeks just flies when you’re busy!

Anyway, today I have a super cute mani that I did using Lacquer Convention Pop Tart and OPI Red Lights Ahead…Where?

Pop Tart is a super awesome polish that’s made to look like the frosting on a pop tart. I think it nails it, cuz it totally looks like a strawberry pop tart to me. I freakin’ love it!

I decided to pair  Red Lights Ahead…where? with it because it reminds me of the color of the filling in a strawberry pop tart. I was kind of disappointed that Red Lights Ahead leans super coral on me, with barely any hint of red because I was really, really wanting it to be red. But I got over it because it turned out to be perfect for this mani.

In the pics below I used 2 creamy coats of Red Lights Ahead on my middle and pinky fingers, and 3  easy coats of Pop Tart on my ring and index. Peep it:




So what do you think of my little pop tart mani?

I love how it came out! Pop Tart is definitely a super fun polish that I see myself wearing again and again. My only regret is that I only got the mini bottle instead of the full-size one.

If you’re loving Pop Tart, you can stalk Lacquer Convention’s Etsy shop here, and try to snag yourself a bottle next time she opens up shop. The mini bottle like I have is only $2.85.  A steal, right?

That’s all for today my loves! Have a magnificent Monday!







7 responses to “Pop Tart Nails

  1. that polish is so cute, it looks just like a strawberry poptart 🙂 love this!

  2. I’m in love with this combo! Such a cute mani!

  3. Thanks for connecting to the etsy page! I signed up to be alerted when she opens back up!

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