Candy Lacquer Argyle

Happy Saturday Loves!

Yay for the weekend! Can you believe today is the last day of June?!? It seems kind of insane to me that it’s almost July!

Anyway, today I have a pretty little polish from Candy Lacquer called Argyle

I was lusting after this baby but never got to Candy Lacquer’s Etsy shop in time to grab it, so I was thrilled when the lovely and generous Bridget offered to send her bottle my way (thanks again Bridget 🙂 ).

Argyle is made with matte black, white, and teal diamond-shaped glitter and black and white bar glitter in a clear base.

I love the color combination and shapes of the glitter pieces and haven’t really seen anything else like it. The only thing is application is pretty tricky because the glitter to lacquer base ratio seems to be off a bit. The dabbing method that glitters like this often require didn’t even work. I kind of had to slop big globs on each nail, then brush off the excess polish and hope that some of the glitter pieces stayed. I kinda got the hang of it after a couple of nails, but the process was annoying.

Besides all of that, I love how it came out, so I’m pretty sure I’ll deal with the sucky application if I have to.

In the pics below I layered it over 2 coats of China Glaze Concrete Catwalk. Peep it:




So what do you think of this mani?

Would you deal with the tricky application for the end result?

You can buy Argyle for $8 from Candy Lacquer’s Etsy shop here. She re-stocks pretty frequently and has a lot of other pretty glitters as well.

Let me know your thoughts on this mani and have a great weekend! 🙂








6 responses to “Candy Lacquer Argyle

  1. Love it! Yep, I’d put up with tricky application for that, I’m a huge fan of top coats. I’d probably swear the whole time I put it on, but after that, happy happy! 😀

  2. This is really pretty, shame about the application, will thinner help at all?

    • Thanks 🙂 I don’t know if thinner would help cuz it’s not really a problem of the polish being too thick, it’s that there aren’t enough glitter pieces. I wish I knew where she got them cuz I’d dump a whole mess of them in my bottle and then it’d be perfect, haha.

  3. Oh I love everything about this glitter and grey Combo! How awesome!!!!!

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