Indie Spam: Different Dimension

Hey Peeps! Happy Pink Wednesday! I’m Baaaaack! 🙂

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. I can’t believe that it’s been over a month!

Life got a little hectic, then I had a really, really, really bad break on one of the nails on my swatching hand (we’re talking down into the nail bed. Ouch!), so I haven’t had the chance to swatch in a while.

Anyway, the break has grown out enough for my nails to be presentable again, but you’ll notice that they’re still a bit shorter than normal because I had to file them all down to keep everything even. So I’m kind of rockin’ some nubs right now.

All of that aside, I have some really cool polishes that I’m super excited to share with you today. They’re from a new indie brand called Different Dimension, and the creator, Missi, makes beautiful polishes with some pretty awesome names… Some of which happen to derive from one of my favorite movies ever: Mean Girls!

In the spirit of Pink Wednesday, the first lovely I have for you is On Wednesdays We Wear Pink. I was happy dancing inside and out when I saw the name of this baby. And the polish itself is awesome as well. It’s a pink creme base interspersed with different sizes of darker pink and holographic glitter. This one is a smooth 2-coater:



Next we have That Is So Fetch. “Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen!” 😉

This polish consists of tons of different shades, shapes, and sizes of purple glitter packed in a clear base. In the pic below I have 2 coats layered over Zoya Mira. I would recommend waiting for each coat to dry before adding another so it doesn’t get goopy on the nail, otherwise I had no application issues. Love it!:



And then we have the awesomeness that is Boo, You Whore!. I love that line from the movie so much that I made a habit out of saying it way too often. I would’ve loved this polish no matter what it looked like, just because of the name. Luckily it’s beautiful, so that adds to my love for it. It kind of makes me think of a blue version of That Is So Fetch. In the pic below I have 2 coats over China Glaze Sexy In The City. Again, you’ll want to wait for each coat to dry on this one, but application was a breeze:



And last, but definitely not least is Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. This one is obviously not from Mean Girls. But it is from The Big Bang Theory, which is one of favorite TV shows. I’m totally in love with this one. It’s packed with a beautiful combination of white, light blue, grey and light green glitter. I don’t have anything like it and I love the way the colors look together. I layered 2 coats of it over Zoya Wednesday, and again, had no issues. Peep it:



I’m pretty impressed by these lovelies from Different Dimension.

I know it feels like a new indie brand pops up every day, so it can be a little tricky to know which ones are actually worth your money or not. I would say that these are. I think a lot of thought and love are put into each polish. Also, I’m a sucker for a cute name 🙂

And here’s something even more awesome: Missi was kind enough to create a 20% off coupon code for my lovely readers to use in her shop for the next 2 weeks.

The coupon code is: colourcoated. It will be good until September 5th, so click on over to her Etsy shop here and snag some of her beautiful creations. I know there are a few that I’ve already got my eye on.

That’s all for today my loves! Let me know what you think of these new polishes and have a happy hump day!






The products  in this post were provided for my honest review. For more information please see my disclosure policy.


4 responses to “Indie Spam: Different Dimension

  1. These are all very pretty! I like the last one ebst I think! 😀

  2. Welcome back! I love Rock Paper Scissors Spock 😀 The others are super pretty too 🙂

  3. These are awesome!


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