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Holo Jellies & An Easter Giveaway!

Hey Peeps!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend so far.

At the end of yesterday’s post I mentioned a little something about having some holo jellies and an Easter giveaway.

As I am a lady of my word, I am delivering as promised 🙂 ….


First off I’ve got some lovely holos from Kleancolor’s Spring Collection.

I’ve never used or owned any polish by Kleancolor, but a friend sent them to me so I was very excited to try them.

These were actually a bit of a shocker for me when I applied them because at first I thought they were just sheer, but then I realized that they’re jellies! How awesome is that?!

I’m pretty sure I don’t own any other holo jellies. I can’t say that it ever even occurred to me that a holo jelly might exist, but OMG are they amazing!


In all of the pics below I used 3 coats, and application was absolutely flawless. I am in all kinds of love with these!


First up is the blue from the collection. This is technically my Blue for Autism Awareness for the day.

It’s called Holo Blue, and it’s a light blue holo/jelly that leans a little silvery/grey. Love.


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