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Revlon Mistletoe

Hey Peeps! Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve got a quick post today to show you one of Revlon’s new colors: Mistletoe.

I was at Walgreens last week and spotted it in Revlon’s new Spice It Up collection. I only liked a couple of colors in the display, and Mistletoe was one of them.

Mistletoe is kind of an odd/unique color. It’s a dark olive-green with a smokey grey undertone, packed with green and gold shimmer. I think it’s a really gorgeous color, but it’s hard to describe and even harder to photograph. In the pics below I used 2 coats. The formula is really smooth and highly pigmented, so it glides on like butter. Peep it:





So what do you think of Mistletoe?

I like it because it seems to be kind of a unique color for a Christmas collection and I’ve been feeling myself drawn to shimmers like this lately.

Let me know your thoughts and have a very Happy Thanksgiving! – and for those of you who don’t celebrate the holiday, have a happy Thursday! 🙂








A Black Shatter Montage

Hey all!

I hope everyone has had a great week so far. I’m happy that the worst of the snowstorm has passed and the roads are pretty clear…mostly because now the mailman has no excuse not to bring me my packages 🙂

I’m expecting many lovely polishes to come in the mail in the next couple of days, so hopefully I’ll get some good swatching done this weekend. In the mean time, I have a quick post for you today  displaying some of the different colors that I have tried O.P.I. Black Shatter over.

I’m kind of obsessed with how cool Black Shatter is, and I have a tendency to put a coat of it over a regular mani to extend its wear time. Anyway, check out the pics… Continue reading

Perfumed Polish: Part 2

Hey there!

I was cooped up again today because of the snow 😦 I think I’m starting to go a little stir crazy, so I’m glad that they finally got my neighborhood plowed so I can  get out of the house and go to work tomorrow.

Anyway, today I have another one of Revlon’s scented nail polishes:

 Grape Icy


I reviewed one here about a month ago and was totally in love with it. The same goes for this one. Grape Icy Continue reading

Perfumed Polish

Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone’s having a good weekend so far.
As promised, today I have a review of one of the polishes from my drugstore haul post:

Not So Blueberry by Revlon. And get this people: it’s “scented when dry”.



I only own a few Revlon polishes because Continue reading

Drugstore Haul

Happy Friday!

Sadly, I don’t have any new swatches for you guys today 😦

 I’m giving my nails a break so they can get some much-needed R&R. Swatching has been killing my cuticles.

I do however have some pics of some cool polishes and nail tools that I recently picked up at CVS and Walgreens.

I’m not so much of a polish snob that I can’t appreciate the value in getting cheap polish to try out, so I’m all about doing drugstore hauls. I don’t always expect a $0.99 bottle of polish to hold up as well as a bottle of O.P.I. or China Glaze, but sometimes they surprise you.

I figure, I can’t really lose; if I hate the color or the formula, it makes me feel better knowing I only spent pocket change on it. If I love it, then I’m super happy that I got something great for a steal.

Also, some drugstore brands-such as Milani and Sally Hansen- have earned respect for having high quality products.

Anyway, here are the pics of my latest polish haul:


Continue reading

Pretty Perplexed

 As we all know, Revlon recently came out with a dupe of Chanel Paradoxal called Perplex.

All I have to say about that is God bless you Revlon!

 I fell in love with Paradoxal when I first saw it, but can’t really afford to spend $20+ on one single bottle of nail polish. So needless to say, I was thrilled when Continue reading