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Color Club Scent-Suous Collection

Happy Tuesday Peeps!

Can you believe it’s November already?

So I’m kind of excited about what I have to show you guys today… On Sunday afternoon I stopped by Sally Beauty Supply to pick up a few odds and ends and was super excited to see that they had a ton of new nail polish in stock. I feel like my Sally never gets anything, so it was like Christmas morning! Then I spotted a Color Club display and I was like, hold the freakin’ phone! Since when does Sally carry Color Club?!

In all of my bewilderment and excitement, I didn’t even realize that it was a collection I’d never heard of because the display was half empty. So I just grabbed the pretty purple and green glitter I saw and headed to the register.

Later when I got home I  started looking for swatches of it on the internet and could not figure out why I couldn’t find anything about it. The color I’d picked up was called Sugar Plum Yum and Google kept directing me to the OPI shade of the same name. Then I asked some people on twitter (I’m sure a lot of you thought I was off my rocker ;)) but no one had heard of it. I kept thinking, wtf? What is this? So I went back to Sally to get a better look at the collection and realized it was a new scented holiday collection. I didn’t like the look of all the colors in the bottles, but the nail blogger in me had to snag the whole collection.

So yeah, apparently Color Club has a new holiday collection that no one’s heard of and it’s called Scent-Suous. It’s made up of 6 scented colors; there are 2 metallics/foils, 3 chunky glitters, and one regular glitter. Anyway, let’s get to the pics already…


First up is the lovely that caught my eye: Sugar Plum Yum. This one is medium green and large purple hex glitter suspended in a clear base. I guess it’s supposed to smell like plum, but I don’t really know what plums smell like. It just smells kinda fruity. In the pic below I layered it over 1 coat of Wet ‘n Wild Black Creme.


Next we have another fun, chunky glitter: Very Merry Berry. It’s more chunky hex glitter like Sugar Plum Yum, but in light blue and magenta. There are also some small pieces of silver glitter up in there. It smells like…berries? Again I layered 2 coats of it over Black Creme.


And here’s the last of the chunky glitters: Orna-Minted. This baby is a blingtastic explosion of silver glitter in large hex and small round pieces and it smells like fresh mint. My camera was freaking out on this one because the glitter is so reflective. To me it looks just like Platinum Record from the Backstage Pass collection. This one is also 2 coats layered over Black Creme.


Now on to the half of the collection that I’m not so hot for…

Here’s Santa’s Cinnamon. This is a red glitter a la China Glaze Ruby Pumps. It’s squishy and glittery, and I actually like it more than I thought I would. It was opaque in 2 coats and it smells like those hard, round cinnamon candies in the clear wrappers. Peep it:


Then we have Kiss Me Mistletoe which is a sage-green foil/metallic that smells like pine trees. Ugh, I hate polishes like this because they’re so hard to clean up. Acetone hits them and little shimmer particles start to spread all over my fingers like little baby spiders escaping an egg sac (you like that imagery?). The best part is that it was super pigmented and only needed one coat.


Last, and definitely least in my opinion is Gingerbread Man, a gold metallic/foil. I hate this color on myself, but it does smell pretty close to gingerbread, which I kind of liked. This one was also super pigmented and only required one coat, but I still hate it on myself. Did I mention that I hate it on myself?



So there you have it. The mysterious Scent-Suous collection.

As a whole I’m not totally wowed by it, but those glitters are rockin’ my world. I see many layering possibilities with them in my future.

Have you spotted these at your local Sally? I wonder if they’re Sally’s exclusives. Perplexing.

Any must-haves in the set for you? Let me know what you think of them and have a lovely Tuesday!








Pink Wednesday: Bubblegum Braille Nails

What is that smell?
Oh, Regina gave me some perfume.
You smell like a baby prostitute.


Happy Pink Wednesday Peeps!

Today I have one of the yummy-smelling polishes from Color Club’s Wicked Sweet Collection.

It’s called Yum Gum and it smells like….gum. Like that pink Bazooka Joe bubblegum. Yum, yum bubblegum!

The scent of bubblegum usually makes me a little nauseous for some reason, but this was surprisingly pleasant.

Color Club did a pretty awesome job with the scents on the Wicked Sweet collection. I think they’re even better than the scented Revlons that I’ve raved about before. It’s funny because I told my brother to smell it and he took a huge whiff from the bottle and was like “Whoah! That just opened my mind!” Haha. He’s so silly.

Anyway, Yum Gum is a creamy pink neon. It was a little bit streaky so I had to use 3 coats to get it opaque and even, but I totally l-o-v-e it.

And because it’s Pink Wednesday, I decided to get a little creative…so with little rhinestones, I spelled out the word PINK across my nails in Braille. Cute right? Check it out…


From my pinky to my index finger is P-I-N-K

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Perfumed Polish: Part 2

Hey there!

I was cooped up again today because of the snow 😦 I think I’m starting to go a little stir crazy, so I’m glad that they finally got my neighborhood plowed so I can  get out of the house and go to work tomorrow.

Anyway, today I have another one of Revlon’s scented nail polishes:

 Grape Icy


I reviewed one here about a month ago and was totally in love with it. The same goes for this one. Grape Icy Continue reading

Perfumed Polish

Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone’s having a good weekend so far.
As promised, today I have a review of one of the polishes from my drugstore haul post:

Not So Blueberry by Revlon. And get this people: it’s “scented when dry”.



I only own a few Revlon polishes because Continue reading