Here are some of the polishes that I’m currently lemming. If you have any of them and wanna sell them to me or do a swap, shoot me an email or a message on Twitter and let me know 🙂



Bleach Black- Dickweed

China Glaze- Branding Iron

China Glaze- DV8

China Glaze- Indian Ocean

China Glaze- Rodeo Fanatic

Deborah Lippmann- Across The Universe


Deborah Lippmann- Glitter In The Air

Diamond Cosmetics- Dont Teal My Heart Away

Essie- Greenport

Essie- Lady Godiva

Gosh- Green Hawaii

Hard Candy- Beetle

H&M- Bella’s Choice

H&M- Moody Model

Misa- Ben-Her

Nina Ultra Pro- In A Tiff

Nubar- Knight’s Armor

Nubar- Peacock Feathers

Nubar- Star Sparkle

OPI- Black Tie Optional

OPI- Edin Burgundy

OPI- Dating A Royal

OPI- Glacier Bay Blues

OPI- Hollywood&Wine

OPI- Merry Midnight

OPI- My Private Jet (original holo formula)

OPI- Sapphire In The Snow

OPI- Vampire State Building

OPI- Who Are You Wearing?

RBL- 360