Pretty & Polished Hello Dolly

Hey Peeps!

I’ve got another lovely indie polish for you today. It’s the beautiful Hello Dolly from Pretty & Polished.

I’ve actually had this baby for a long time – it was one of the first polishes I bought from Pretty and Polished- and I’m not sure what took me so long to wear it, but I’m so glad I did!

Hello Dolly is a mix of tiny pink prismatic glitters, and various sizes of lavender, white and pink hex glitters. There are far less of the larger pink hex glitters, so as you’ll see in the pics below, I don’t have one on every nail, but I think that’s kind of cool.

Hello Dolly has a pretty easy application. I didn’t really have to fish around for any of the glitters, I just made sure to put a generous coat on each nail to get a good variation of them. In the pics below I layered 2 coats of it over 2 coats of Milani Orchidia. Peep it:




This is definitely a mani that’s a little out of my comfort zone because I don’t usually wear pinks and purples too often, but I freakin’ love it! The mix of glitters in Hello Dolly is so pretty and girly.

You can snag your very own bottle of Hello Dolly from Pretty & Polished’s Etsy shop here. Chelsea is really good with doing restock quite often, and she announces the exact time and date that restocks will happen. You’ve just gotta have quick fingers 😉

The lovely Llarowe will also start carrying Pretty and Polished within the next couple of weeks ago, so that will be another awesome opportunity to get your hands on this beauty.

Anyway, let me know what you think of Hello Dolly and have a super Sunday! 🙂







5 responses to “Pretty & Polished Hello Dolly

  1. Ooh this is very pretty

  2. Very nice! I think I’d have been staring at it for awhile, too, before I used it 😀 Black white and pink.. that’d look great over everything except red, really. Grey or pale blue would be magic! Thanks for the photos 🙂


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