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Pink Wednesday: Fun With Nfu Oh 50!

Happy Hump Day Loves!

It’s Pink Wednesday Again! 🙂

Today I have a fun layering look done with the lovely Nfu Oh 50

There’s always a lot of love shown for Nfu Oh 51 and 52, which are indeed amazingly gorgeous,but what about their sister 50? She’s pretty too!

Nfu Oh 50 is a pinkish/lavender jelly with light green flakies in it. It’s very thin, so it’s not too special on its own, but start layering it and her true beauty comes out.

Being as it’s Pink Wednesday and all, I decided to see what it would look like over a pink polish, so I used Wet ‘n Wild Tickled Pink as my base. Tickled Pink on its own is kind of a mess. The application is all streaky and chalky, so I’m not sure I’d wear it by itself, but layer a couple of coats of Nfu Oh 50 on top and you’ve got a whole new level of pretty.

In the pics below I used 3 coats of Tickled Pink and 2 coats of 50. Peep it:




Mmm, subtle but yummy flakey goodness! 🙂

50 doesn’t stand out as well over a light color as it does over a dark one, but I think it still looks nice.

Do you prefer flakies like this layered over light or dark colors? Let me know what you think and have a lovely Pink Wednesday! 🙂









Amercian Apparel Passport Blue

Hey There Lovelies!

It’s Monday again. *grumble, grumble*

Anyhow, I’m continuing with my month of blues in support of Autism Awareness 🙂

Today I have American Apparel Passport Blue.

Passport Blue is a dark….passport blue. Lol. It really is the same color as a passport, which I guess is navy blue.

I really, really love American Apparel nail polishes because they’re so saturated and almost all of the ones I’ve used have been wonderfully opaque in one coat. (They’re also awesome for water marbling)

Passport Blue is no exception. My only complaint is that it was a tad bit runny, and while I did use a base coat to protect my nails, it still stained my cuticles. As hard as I tried, I could not get it off, so please excuse any stainage you see in the pics below 😦


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Another Nail Polish/Jewelry Fusion feat: Liquid Euphoria Bliss

Happy Friday Everyone!

I’m so happy that I’m off today and that the weekend is finally here! This week seemed to take foreverrrrrrr.

First off let me gush a little about how thrilled I am that Kelly from Vampy Varnish allowed me to do a guest post on her blog yesterday 🙂 She is so freakin’ awesome. If you haven’t seen it, hop on over and check it out here. I did a cool gradient mani using Nfu-Oh 52

Anyway, today I have another exciting post for you featuring a ring by the lovely Tracey from Ginger Kitty Designs. (If you missed my first post featuring one of her rings, check it out here.)

In my recent haul from her etsy site I picked up one of her LE rings made with a super rare bottle of  Liquid Euphoria Bliss given to her by EvilAngel.


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Valentine’s Varnish: Day 6

We’re approaching the end of my 7 days of Valentine’s Varnish!

If you’ve stuck with me all the way through, thanks! If you’re just now reading, you can always look back and see if you spot a mani you wanna try for the big day tomorrow 🙂

I’ve got something a little vampy for you today 🙂

It’s a gradient mani using e.l.f. Rosy Raisin and Nfu-Oh 51Continue reading