It Was Acceptable In The 80’s

Happy Saturday Loves!

I hope everyone’s weekend is off to an awesome start! I’m so happy I have the weekend off cuz it’s been a rough week.

Anyway, I have another lovely paint splatter mani for you today (you can see my first one here). I, like many of you, fell in love with them after Jen from The Polishaholic posted one. They come out looking so awesome and there are a ton of color combos that you can do.

Plus, they totally remind me of all the paint splatter paraphernalia from the 80’s (which I happen to think was a rockin’ decade since I was born during it 🙂 )

In the pics below I painted my nails with Wet ‘n Wild Black Creme, then I splattered on OPI Alpine Snow and Zoya Mira. Ch-ch-check it out:




So what do you think of this splatter mani? Isn’t it like totally awesome?! 🙂

The whole time I was wearing it I had Calvin Harris’ song “Acceptable in the 80’s” stuck in my head. If you’ve never heard, check it out. It’s pretty awesome in an 80’s throwback kind of way.

How many of you have been inspired to try a splatter mani? If you’ve done one, feel free to leave a link to it in the comments cuz I’d love to see it 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!










18 responses to “It Was Acceptable In The 80’s

  1. so pretty! I have to give it a try 🙂

  2. If I could guarantee that my first dib at a splatter mani would yield these results I would dive right in and wear a mani just like this to the backstreet boys / NKOTB concert I’m going to next Sunday 😉 AWESOME WORK!

  3. Very nice! Love the color combo!

  4. This splatter mani came out super cute I like you choice in colors, and I absolutely love that song it’s one of my all time favs!

  5. I love this combo! I think I’ll try this splatter mani next.

  6. Pretty sure I had a notebook or 5 with this pattern on it.

  7. Speaking of black & purple combos . . . (sorry I’m catching up on my reading in reverse order) I love this! I think Zoya Mira is such a perfect purple creme.

  8. hey how do you get the splatter effect?…i love your nail designs btw!

  9. Thank you! Jen from The Polishaholic has an awesome tutorial that you can check out if you wanna learn how to do the splatter effect. You can view it here:

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